In 1979, James W. Narron, John P. ("Jack") O'Hale, and O. Hampton Whittington, Jr., established the law firm that would later become Narron, O'Hale & Whittington, P.A. Since that time, the original partners have guided the firm's expansion to 13 attorneys and more than 20 staff members, becoming a premier Eastern North Carolina law firm.   

Effective November 1, 2018, Narron, O'Hale & Whittington, P.A. became Narron Wenzel, P.A. Jack O'Hale and his son, Frank O'Hale, will continue their practice, as part of John P. O'Hale, P.A.. Their office will remain in the same location, next door to Narron Wenzel, P.A., in Smithfield. You can reach one of them at (919) 934-6021 or visit their website, at Hampton Whittington will remain a part of Narron Wenzel, P.A., simply moving to an "Of Counsel" role, in lieu of his past role as a named partner. 

This change is a part of each original partner's succession or growth plan, and none of Narron, O'Hale & Whittington's clients should feel any substantial change. All attorneys and staff members will remain in their same office locations, and our sincere hope is that this change will allow our group of attorneys to continue to provide high quality legal services to the Eastern North Carolina community for many years to come. 

Our Attorneys

James Narron

Jason W. Wenzel

Matthew S. McGonagle

Kemp Mosley

O. Hampton Whittington, Jr.

Benton G. Sawrey

Rachel E. Mills

Wm. Joseph Austin, Jr.

Taylor Avioli

David F. Mills

Stephanie Norris

Ben Lovell

Matthew Phillips

Our Support Team

Amy Honeycutt

Sherri Matthews

Marion Young

Sharon Stallings

Teresa Langley

Loring Morris

Trey Arno

Rachel Rhodes

Laura Hamm

Anita Stevens

June Edwards

Stephanie Tilley

Stacy Preddy

Michelle Capps

Lanie Dean

Kim Bledsoe

Carla Shepard